ship a canvas painting

Nice front pocket wallet
The reason the legs dont ride up is because the legs are way too tight. I heard a snap as the stitching broke around my average sized thighs broke when I put them on. Even broken they were too tight. Funny thing is the waistband is perfect.
Love it a gift and she loves it very much
Excellent design. For every day use it's perfect.
Product came in a box not packaged as pictured when purchased. It looks like it was old and used and just thrown in the box.
Nice color and fit
Kept me dry. Easy to move in. And it's actually possible to refold to original size unlike the machine packed pvc types
Love, Love, Love these. Second pair I have purchased, first one was a gift. This purchase was for me!!!
These glasses are great for the price and they last long
These are great, and fit as expected. I was never one for this type of undershirts, but am now a believer. They are comfortable, and work great for layering.
Perfect fit ... adorable!!! Highly recommend!!
I bought this product hoping to save some real estate in my pocket. This wallet does a great job with that, my pockets felt much less bulky and crammed up. However, I pay with cash a lot, and trying to dig out a $1 bill in a stack full of $20's is a pain in the neck. Also if you have a lot of cards in your wallet, you may anger other customers in the checkout line because your credit card will not come out.

If you don't carry cash, and don't have a lot of cards, this might be a good buy. For me, it's easier to have a normal wallet.
I'm a 6' male weighing 145lb with a 37" chest circumference (so tall and thin). As a result, I'm often torn between small and medium, because cloth makers can't decide whether 'small' means in the chest or in height, and medium is often too poofy. In this case Champion has made an excellent shirt for those of us that are tall and thin. Just give it a try. You can't go wrong with the price.

I hate to be brand loyal, but Champion has earned a place in my closet several times now.
My favorite brand for boxer brief . Cotton breathes much better than they're compression version. Good for summer or winter. Stay in place all day . Waist band doesn't roll legs don't have time elastic like cheaper brands but stay in place
No regrets.....Sturdy and Slim...can travel with protected cards....leave bulky wallet at home.
I'm a construction superintendent and spend a lot of time in the field. I also sweat a lot so these work great to keep sweat from running in my face. The band has microfiber in the front which wicks away sweat and it never gets below the edge of the material.
Beautiful beyond my expectations. Great price quality relation.
Me permite llevar todos mis valores ocupando el mnimo de espacio.
Hoped reviews were wrong !
From tactical, to every day, to dress pants ... theres not a belt loop this fits in !
You literally have to take apart, and play with it till adjusts right each time
Very well made tho (for a seatbelt in a race car)
Fits me perfectly, and the material is crazy comfortable. I could live in these things. I'm on the small side, and prefer my clothes be a bit tighter, (32x34), but not too tight at all, the perfect comfortable amount.
These things are excellent -- sturdy, easy to clip on and off, fit the glasses fine, and shield light well. There is one drawback, but it doesn't detract from my rating since they're doing what they're supposed to do: I recently bought a car with a head-up windshield display, and the polarization of the sunglasses makes the display invisible.
These studs said for toddlers but they too long in the ear for my toddler, it going to stick her in the back of her ear. Cant I return them.
Noth worth buying . Low qualtiy material
Fits Great
Snug on head dont slip - yellow lenses are the best - wear while snowmobileing driveing hiking you name it - great glasses for great price
Waistband was not as wide as I would have liked.
This was delivered about 5 minutes ago and I was super excited! However- there was not charm on the purse and the middle pocket zipper is broken.
These are the best inexpensive glasses I have ever bought. I wanted a mirrored pair and did not want to spend a lot of money just for the style. I tried these and am absolutely pleased with how they wear. The glasses also look very fashionable no one will ever know that they are not designer. They are also shipped in a nice box with a carrying case a cloth pouch and a cleaning cloth. I may buy another color.
They were for my grandson and he loved them.
Nice weight but too long and too big.