It was beautiful! My granddaughter loves it!
First of all, I LOVE this purse. I have only had it a few days, but it holds all of my necessities. I bought it for a couple cruises I have coming up next spring and was thrilled to see how much stuff I can fit in it. It doesn't feel too big and bulky though. The colors are a really nice blend though the colors are not as bright as they appear in the picture, which is what quite a few other posters said as well. At first, I wasn't sure how I'd like a purse that only had 1 smallish pocket on the outside of it, but the inside has a few nice sized pockets. I can easily carry around an umbrella, my bulky travel wallet (large enough to hold boarding passes, 4 passports, and zips shut so it's rather large), a bottle of water, an iPad, a book, and my big bulky eyeglasses case and still have enough room to easily find things. The top zipper is recessed about an inch or so from the top of the purse, so don't think you have the entire height to put stuff in and still zip it up. I'll update this over time if the quality disappoints me in any way, but for now I could not be happier with this purchase. Then to factor in the price - even better. I had also purchased a few other travel crossbody bags for my cruises that were $40-$75, and none of them are going to work for one reason or another and I returned them all. This one feels like it'll hold up, not get as dirty, fits more that still leaves room to "dig" or rearrange to find those items that always fall to the bottom of your purse, and holds a ton without feeling like I have a small piece of luggage strapped to me. Give it a shot!
Wonderful warm socks!
great shirts
I love this bag! The material hold up great and it is big enough for all my things. Plus a couple of diapers for the kids. The pockets on the side are so nice and easy to get into.
They Came in quick & they're just what you expect(:
Just what I needed
High quality elastic around the waist, and the cloth doesn't feel flimsy.
These are pretty basic workout shorts, but they do the trick. I find the single drawstring to be really annoying, but cutting it solves that problem. I know there is a way to tie it, but having two normal draw strings is so much easier. I like that they have pockets for small items and the white piping down the sides does make them look a little better, but you certainly won't be wearing them for fashion.
It is very cute. I love Jack Skellington and it looks just like him.
Good. Thats why i reordered them
It has a nice touch and feel to it but it's a great wallet
I found the label on the bottom@ not the top and binding to tight,
Regular fit
Keeps the sweat from running down your neck and face. Keeps you pretty cool. My only complaint is it is a little big for my head, so I have to do some tucking. Definitely worth it though.
I ordered this hat for my husband. He has worn it everyday. Good quality and very comfortable. We are glad we bought the hats.
It is exactly like the description.
Was as described.
Very good quality and really cute! Im not a hugely fan of the print of the lining inside, but its not horrendous. I wish it was just a little bigger! The toughest part was choosing a color. I might also order it in brown!
Good product
Its broke after a week of using it
I adore my new Nautica Striped wallet. It's very roomy and is real leather as well. A great deal on Amazon. A $49 wallet I got for $19.99. Fast Delivery too. Love it!!!
Great mask. Used in a winter 5k with wind chill making it feel like 16 degrees F. If it became too hot I just put the opening over my chin. Would recommend.
very good product
This watch worked great for about a month. It will no longer let me change the time on it. Yes, I have followed the instructions. It just won't save the new time! Pretty useless now that it won't display the proper time. Bummer my son spent his own hard earned money on this.
I have been searching far and wide to find some hoops to replace the studs in my doubles and triples without paying a fortune (broke college student) and these worked perfectly for me! I love the different sizes and how they are not overwhelming on my ears. The only thing I would say that was a bit of a downer is the difficulty of the hoop clasp. I found it challenging to hook but figured out I can put the earrings on easily backwards in order to properly get the hoop clasped. The clasp is designed to make the earring itself look endless, so I completely understand the concept! I would recommend asking someone with small hands for help to figure it out. But nonetheless, I love them!
Have no problems with these Wrangler jeans. Would order again.
Fits great and comfortable
The 1st time I put them on, the top button pulled out. There was a vertical rip where the button was and the button pretty much fell out. Not pleased that I have to replace the button, but I have already thrown away the packaging and return slip. Other than the faultiness if the top button, they fit well.