Product was tight to put on, but that was expected. Someone mentioned it's easier to step into the shirt to put on, they're right it's a lot easier. The waist didnt really tuck in the stomach.
Light weight, easy to store and carry, keeps you dry during those unexpected or expected rain.
The seem goes right across my husband's butt, and causes irritation. Had to throw them out!
Good fit and nice, light fabric. Good price for a nice dressy pair of men shorts. Present to dad.
This belt was bought for my husband and he really likes it.
Belt is nice. Very easy to use! Doesn't unclip when you're wearing it and doing what you need to do.
The bag was beautiful and very well-made. It was just larger than I was hoping for since it said small. Im sure I will use it anyway
A very good eyeglass holder. I've only used one so far, but it does what I bought it for. I personally could use a strap that is one or two inches longer, but this one works okay.
Bought this for my trip to nashville, good strong strap and big enough to fit a water bottle in!
Good quality brand hat. Will definitely buy again once I wear this one out
IF you wear hat size 7 1/2 or larger, this hat is too small. I usually wear a 7 1/2 or 7 3/4 depending on the hat. This hat was a tight fit on the very last peg which I don't like wearing them that way anyways. I returned it. The quality was very nice, but its not for big heads.
These boxer briefs fit well, except that the seam protrudes around the waistband and ends up digging into your midsection throughout the day. I will never buy these again and will stick to the other style tagless waistband from now on. Have never had a negative thing to say about any hanes product until now. I ended up throwing them all away.
Muy larga de la parte de abajo
It is compact
Just returned from Yellowstone National Park. Temps at and below zero. We were snowmobiling. With this mask and our helmets, we were very comfortable.
Good quality, good fit and good looking glove. I m a wheelchair user and The gloves are perfect, especially in the winter.
Very light and minimal design that I like so much but its a little bit too tight , also I need to use it for more time to assess durability.
It seems not to be able to stand a lot of wear and tear so to speak.
Very good quality
Beautiful necklace for the price I purchased it at-- $24.99. Merchant has been raising the price ever since I bought it, so I will not be buying it again until it returns to $25.
These are fairly light weight and snug fitting with plenty of stretch. I wear a men's size 12 shoe and same in socks. These fit perfectly. And what is really good about it is that they also fit my wife's (size 9 shoe) feet, so with a 12 pack, we have both of us covered, with one package.

The ankle band seems to be snug when new, but only time will tell whether they lose their elasticity. Right now they are great. I have had some brands that end up sliding down on my ankle/feet over time. Can't pass judgement on these, at this time.
it was much longer than expected but the quality was very good
Made a great gift. Lovely bag. Has a bit of a smell when first arrives but airs out nicely.
Good socks, will buy them again.
The quality is good.