No complaints. These fit and feel great and are at a good price point.
Very well made and soft leather. Love it and ordered another one for my daughter!
They are unusual and lovely. Comfortable. Stunning
Wish I'd invested in one of these long ago. Ratchet works flawlessly, been wearing it daily for over a month now. So much more precise than holed belts. Cutting and placing was simple, the ability to adjust it on the fly makes for easy wearing regardless of pants.
My bf loves it!!!!
Super comfy
Simply the best out thier..
Glad I ordered
Best sock stays up where others brands dont
Fit great!
Hello, well I have tried a lot of undershirts and I must say that Gildan has a new customer. Now I need to order tee's and boxer briefs. Putting you to the! Thank a lot
Cheap good standard hat
Did not last long. I hope that warranty is covered.
XXL fit me perfect. The cotton breathes great. Goodbye Costco shirts. Hello Amazon essentials.
Just what i wanted.
I love my Levi jeans and these are no exception. Fit as expected and high quality and durable.
Me lleg a tiempo, ms de lo que esperaba. Todos muy profesionales y amables. Servicios al cliente excelente..
The back arrived perfectly on time and it's exactly as shown and exactly what I wanted.
Cut it on the screw end ,make sure the original adjustment slot is in the right place before you cut it ,then you wont have to make more holes than factory ,then you wont comes with the hole puncher tool ,its only to make a new screw hole pretty cool for 7 dollars , well worth it, the brown is nice dark color. happy shopping , from your local ,Merchant Marine
So far, very good.
Great quality
Very great looking glasses and great case they came in! Very satisfied.
One main thing.

Quality is lacking.
Very cheap material and won't last long.
I wear a size 7-3/4 hat. Previous editions of this hat were borderline at best with regard to max fit. This item has apple adjustment! Additionally there is no elastic which is another plus!
This was supposed to have a 2019 charm but it has a 2018 one. Can I get a new charm? Otherwise Ill need to return.
I loved how soft they feel and the warmth they bring along. Definitely would get more.
I previously had an early version of the Elephant E8 wallet. I liked that wallet a lot, i had it for about 5 years. When i went to buy a new one, i noticed they changed the design and I watch a video and didn't like the new features. After doing some research, i decided on this wallet. This NOMATIC wallet takes care of all deficiencies I've had with previous minimalist wallets! First, I carry a lot of cards, relatively speaking. I typically have 11 or 12 cards. I always disliked having to take out all of my cards to get just one card. This wallet let you keep your few frequently used cards separate and easily accessible. This is awesome. The cash pocket it tight and has a bottom. The wallet is great. Let me know if you have any questions about it.
Cheap, but functional. Good for exercising/working/lounging in. Fits a bit small, so get one size bigger than usual.
It fits perfectly and keeps me cool even in 100 degree weather.
Highly recommend for any physical activity in hot weather.
Terrible quality and weirdly stretchy. Hanes products just are not the quality they once were.