OK jeans. Not too durable. Tend to wear out at seam corners.
This is my second pair of sunglasses, The last pair was lost. These glasses hold up well,
Birthday gift for my girlfriend. She loves it and the price is unbeatable, great quality at a steal!!
I thought these socks werent gonna last. I could see the seems pulling apart. I tried them on n thought they would fall apart. I went back to Fruit of the Loom cheap socks. 10 pair for the same price.
nice hats
This item was inexpensive yet of very good quality.
I have not used the bag yet.but its very big and pretty.i plan to purchase more
This is a pretty necklace; but the clasp doesnt work well on the friends necklace. Ordered a replacement.
Awesome wallet! Excellent quality!
I like that its reversible!
After putting my first pair on the seat of my car and forgetting and sat on them (bummer) I had to order another pair. These are great sunglasses. I should of ordered a few more. I get black on black.
Will work great for dress shoes in summer weather.
SHAPELESS. The way they go up in size is just by making the waist/torso wider and wider there is no adjustment in length. They just ASSUME if youre a Plus Size that you carry it ALL in your belly.
Very cute but much bigger than I expected which is my fault for not looking at the dimensions
It's good quality compared to the price, I like it
To right 4 my 10 size
bag appeared to be a higher class than it was.
Very pretty, good quality
Good looking glasses ,
Quality is great
Always nice to have a bottle opener
I bought two of the black bracelets! They are very expensive looking and they look great on!
Great Product
Always can rely on hanes
This bag is absolutely beautiful and super easy to handle. It gives a very nice charm to your outfit.
Just buy it, you wont regret! Worth the price!
Great bag
As with most Dockers clothing, definitely go a size larger unless you were in GQ recently.
This is my 5th or 6th Baggalini bag and may be my favorite. I actually bought it to use when I travel but decided to use it every day since I like it so much. I like all the zippered outside compartments (I like everything to have and be in its place so it's easy to find). The inside is big enough for my wallet, checkbook, coupon holder, and Chicosac (for purchases). The back section neatly holds my Kindle. The red brings a pop of color to whatever I wear. Love it!
too large for my tastes
Great product, my nephew has been using it and looks up today with fashion. Great price to it. Thanks
I bought this hat back in July to replace a hat that I'd lost. I liked the look of the hat, I'm a massive fan of Indiana Jones, and the price was brilliant so I figured 'why not?' and bought it, getting it two days later thanks to Prime.
Anyway, I wanted to see how the hat would fair over time, so I held off on reviewing until now.
First off the hat is gorgeous; It nails the look of Indy's hat near-perfectly. It's also made very solidly; haven't worn even slightly in 5 months, and I tend to be a bit rough on hats. It's every bit as crush-able as the manufacturers claim- it was accidentally ran over by a Jeep, but you couldn't tell by looking at it that it's even been worn at all!
The only thing that I had to adjust to was the weight of it, really. All my previous hats were very thin and lightweight, so the more heavy-duty Indy hat was a bit new to me and took about a week to acclimate to. And the weight is just another positive mark for this little thing of beauty.
Bottom line; This hat is brilliant, and it ever does manage to fall apart I'll definitely be buying another one from Dorfman Pacific.