A little tight around my thigh even at max length, but I a bigger guy. Regardless, the shirt being pulled down made me look great, so it was absolutely worth the mark that persisted on my thigh. Would recommend, but a little tight.
Absolutely great for little girls
Super cute, fits to size and the material is exactly what I figured a UV protection bathing suit would feel like..nice and soft for ma baby.
Sweet pair of sunglasses. Didnt know u. Oils get such a nice pair of glasses so cheap. Nice case and cleaning cloth. I would swear these are nicer then most sunglasses I have bought for 100$
I've tried a lot of boxer briefs and these are by far the most amazing briefs I've ever put on. It feels like they are a part of my body. They are so comfortable and fit so well. I had issues with sweating and these do not do that. Will be buying more of these.
This t-shirt is a perfect fit and is extra soft. Best t-shirt I have found and I have tried several brands. It is the perfect weight and washes great. It does not stretch out at the neck or loose its shape. Great product!!
Honestly these look amazing! I bought them for my husband to replace his expensive ones that were stolen and neither one of us could tell the difference between the genuine diamond studs vs. these simulated stunning flame diamond studs. Truly beautiful from the moment I first opened the chic gift box to the moment he first put them on.
A little loose, but otherwise kept my next and face warm in below freezing windy weather for early morning runs. Just had to frequently pull it up over my nose and mouth.
This bag is super cute and looks just like its expensive counterpart for a fraction of the price. It holds a decent amount of stuff (phone, keys, lipstick, small wallet). My only problem is the smell. It came wreaking Id smoke. Ive had it now for over a month and have aired it out and it STILL smells. Its still cute and I still wear it...just be prepared for the smoky smell if you buy it.
Exactly how it should be
I like the red, but did not care for the design of this bag. The quality looked great, but I did not use it because I knew I didn't like the style. Instead I purchased the Everything bag. Look for my review of that bag.
I am a girl and I have a TON of hair. Its thick and all the way down to my butt. I always have issues with hats not sitting deep enough on my head if that makes sense? I can't wear those trendy "dad hats" because they are way to shallow. This hat fits perfect. I wear it every weekend and get tons of compliments. Does it come in more colors? Because I want a million of them
Adjustable so it falls just right. Very pretty and feminine. Love this little necklace, especially for the price!
It has a disgusting smell!!! Ive been airing it out in garage for almost a week and now my garage stinks of the bag!
The size I ordered runs smaller than any other mfg sizes.
Like the fact that it is real leather. The zipper at times sticks.
To small very cute
Cool and protective in the Arizona summer heat. Wicks the sweat away quickly. These are great and I intend to order more.
Great quality for the price.
I like the purse and has plenty of room. I wish the straps were wider.
At my age, getting a new wallet is a two decade event. Having said that, the new one fits my needs perfectly and is much better looking as my previous holder of a thing I put my stuff in. We take our wallets for granted without really appreciating the things they: conceal, protect and store-when-needed. What can I say? Im am not the least concerned about its ability to block foreign interlopers looking at my magnetic strips or chips since I check my accounts on-line almost daily. Its a good value, so buy it!
Good belt
Nice toque. Warm and doesn't fall off my bald head.
I bought this for my daughter. She is forevermore misplacing something. She loves it!
Perfect color, sturdy, and the right size! I've dropped the case a few times by accident, and the case and glasses were completely fine.
Right fit for my waist (31), belt is a 32. A bit wider than most belts. Leather is kind of stiff, in a good way. I wear one of these belts almost everyday, I have two colors. My wardrobe style is casual 99% of the time.
I bought this for my girlfriend and she loved it
The size didn't come out the way I expected it to be.