These glasses are for the money very good. They are tinted dark enough and give you clear vision in bright sun and
the UV protection is super. Would have given 5 stars but the temple ends could be a little softer for more comfort
and the I prefer nose pads molded in to the bridge frame rather than these. The nose pads are comfortable.

Overall very good sunglasses.

Barry P.
I was hoping the belt was the tapered square shaped tip as advertised but when i got it, it's the round type. I don't care for round tip belts but it's not worth losing sleep over. Great quality otherwise!
To be clear I bought this to replace my work hoodie, the picture is trivial but figured it still share how it arrived. I am an outdoor forklift operator (in a sealed cab) so I am in and out of the weather all year round... my lift has heat so I don't need an extremely thick hoodie to keep me warm in the winter.

+Decently Thick Material
+Slightly Baggy
+Zipper actually works well
+Vibrant black (not faded)
+Big hood (nice for hats/beanies)
+Price is fair

-Arrived out of the sealed bag with some weird residue on it... quality is questionable
-Baggy (depending on how you want it to fit)
-Pockets are average or possible slightly smaller than what I expected.
-Hoodie strings seem cheap/probably won't endure many washes before shrinking

Honestly... for the price this is a good purchase. I think if you went to Walmart and tried to buy something comparable to this within the same price range you'd have a lower quality/thinner hoodie. Anymore shopping for hoodies they have become a little pricey for what you get... I was surprised how thin the $35/$45 department store NAME BRAND hoodies were.... seems like you have to pay a little north of $40 to get a decently thick one these days.

Will update if anything changes.
Love this for attending Maine Mariners Hockey games!
These truly look like fine diamonds. They are gorgeous. They are filled with sparkle, fire and brilliance. They're clear. The cut is superb. They're set like fine diamonds, but.....the metal is lightweight. . It would have good if they had used a more solid metal. The posts are solid gold and it feels like it. Still, I rate them 5 stars.

The backs are larger. For anyone that may find them too loose. All you need to do is gently press the little wings together on the back. If they are too tight just gently loosen the wings. It's the wings that keep the earrings on the ear. When I worked at Neiman's I saw some fine diamonds. These are every bit as beautiful as the ones I've seen. I highly recommend.
The hat fits my pin head which is always hard to fine a hat that fits. I've had a lot of complements on how it looks and so far it does not make my head sweat. Only issue is the front brim is to short. I can see the sun hitting my nose a lot.
I purchased this purse for a trip abroad. I love the long, adjustable shoulder strap and the multiple pockets. It has quality zippers and the lining is very nice, too. It is perfect for my trip.
Great product
Very comfortable, these are my new favorite shorts for the gym.
Best ever
Perfect for traveling light! Spent a month in Europe with just a backpack. Wear one, wash the other. Perfect and easy.
Very flimsy, poor quality hat. Spend a little more and get a better quality cap.... I guess you get what you pay for.
It's amazing how much stuff this wallet holds! Credit cards, business cards, cash, change, kleenex.... endless!
This thing reduced the size of my wallet by 50%. So much more comfortable than having a giant, fat wallet shaking around in my pocket. I am very pleased with this product and glad I purchased it.
Exactly as pictured. Fast delivery.
My 4 year old daughter loved this wallet. It's a quality purchase likely to be around for a long while
Granddaughter loved her new watch
these glasses really cut the glare and they are comfortable as well. Good deal for 20 bucks.
like them look good on
Perfect fit. It is so hard to find my size and this t shirt fits exactly as advertised. Thank you!
Good easy socks not super thick not thin
Love it!
Because I have a small head and face it slid down a lot while out and about; but I got creative and cut slits in the sides (along each fold) for my ears like the DIY no-sew face masks.
It works perfectly and with the eyes folded over I feel like I have twice the protection.
Now Kids and people smile whenever they see me and Im not walking around with a diaper on my face. (what I think regular masks look like)
Why people say the quality is bad Im not sure. Its thin but the graphic is terrific and on both sides. Its actually made for the wind not the cold and its easy to breath through.
I wear these for casual wear , but they don't hold a crease very long.
Was what I was looking for
This is a nice wallet, just a bit bigger than I wanted. This company stands behind their products and really mean 100% satisfaction. I contacted them after using the wallet for 6 weeks and they still made it right even after the return date.
Perfect fit! And feet felt better after 12 hour shift
Always loved the look of the 501 Jeans. Lost enough weight that I can justify being seen in them again. Getting these was like welcoming an old friend back into my home.