I had foot surgery and it kept my foot from swelling
Tons of people complimenting this shirt. It's a lint magnet, but what black shirt isn't?

Doesn't seem to come preshrunk, so it'll definitely shrink on you when you wash it. I ordered mine as a large and it felt a bit bigger than that, but shrunk down to an actual large. So at least the size ends up being correct in the end. Therefore I gave it "fit as expected"..
This is my second purchase in this collection. One of my children picked one of these out a while back for an accomplishment reward, and her sister liked it so much that she chose this pink one on her latest accomplishment reward! I haven't had any problems with either of the watches. My girls love them!
Cutest! Definitely buy! They are so cute on my 5 year old. Perfect size!
It arrived faster than what it said it would. It was exactly as advertised. Big One Piece fan, and Im extremely glad I bought it. Would do it again if they came with another design
Husband lives to show off his socks. He is not big into fashion yet the socks are everything.
These are Chinese sizes as with most clothing items
The belt looks nice and works well. The only minor problem i have is that it does 't lock super tight. overall it's good though.
My boyfriend is always concerned about pickpockets so I got this for him so he could slip it into his front pocket instead of his back one. He really loves it, especially because it's so thin!
Excellent fit. Looks great!
My 8 year old granddaughter loves them, they are very nice
Love Minnie but my grandbaby pull those darn earrings out of her ear ,still have not understand how she got them unlock.
So the safety lock can be tamper with,not tamper resistant for a one year.
I'm extremely disappointed that it took me 6 months to realize the pair of aviators I bought were fake. Honestly, the only reason I even realized this is because I recently bought an exact pair again (my original pair got stolen....funny now knowing whoever stole them, stole fake ones!) through Amazon and noticed they were a bit different from the ones I initially got. Out of curiosity I decided to check online to see if there were different types of the gold frame/crystal blue gradient lens, but instead I stumbled upon some of the reviews on here (which I probably should have read before purchasing my original pair) stating some were fake. After doing some online research and reviewing the original case, info pamphlet, and lens wiper given to me, I realized the ones I originally purchased were in fact replicas!

For those of you buying these aviators, MAKE SURE the pair you are buying are being sold from Amazon, as these are authentic. However, if you see anything being "sold by Lunettes4me fulfilled by Amazon," do yourself a favor and do not buy them. You will be wasting your money.
I have been through so many wallets its crazy, but I have never loved a wallet as much as this one. I have regular leather wallets, slim leather wallets, RFID blocking wallets, and even a slim carbon fiber wallet. All these wallets, while functional and relatively thin, cannot match this BASICS wallet. When I put my cards and money into the wallet, I was shocked by how small the wallet was. The wallet is only a tad larger than a credit card. It's crazy! I put this wallet in my pocket with my keys and I cannot even feel it! It is incredibly comfortable to have in your pocket.

This wallet has three pouches or sections. The main pouch is meant to hold most of your cards and this is the pouch that you can access when you pull the tab. The other pouch is a quick access pouch where you can put one or two cards to quickly pull them out when needed. I put my ID and my main credit card here. The last pouch is a bit smaller and fits some bills that are folded into fourths and can even fit some coins. I usually leave 3 bills folded up in there and it fits pretty snugly. In total, I have 7 cards and 3 bills in this small package. It can definitely fit more too. Since the wallet is made out of an elastic material, the cards and bills are held in place.

So far the only worry I have is that the wallet may get dirty. I have had no issues with the wallet ripping or fraying. I will update this review if the wallet starts to fray or if the elastic starts to wear out. I did get this product at a discount, but I am reviewing this as if I bought it for the full price. I will definitely buy another one if I ever lose this wallet, I like it that much.
Awesome deal, outstanding quality worth 3 times what they charge. Definitely will buy again
Fits great good quality second time I've ordered them
Love it! Fits well and looks good on my head.
My boyfriend loved it
the sunglasses had a minor scratch on the frame when arrived...other than that, I'm pretty happy. in case people are not aware, this lense is fairly light and your eyes can be seen.
I think that this satchel is not made of real leather.
Cute but the bottoms did not fit, I saved the bottom with a larger rash guard from walmart for next summer. The 6-9 months bottoms run like 12-18 months size. The top was cute and runs true to size, I just used a swim diaper with it. I wish I would of bought the 9-12 months size because she is already growing out the top and I can find cheaper swim tops for babies somewhere else. Instead of buying this top with the bottom part that is 2 sizes too big. She out grew the 6-9 months rash guard, the head part and lenght part at almost 9 months so I bought a tankini on size 9-12 months from a different brand and was only $5 and the bottom piece fits pefect and it is smaller than the bottom piece of this swim suit that is 2 sizes too big.
My wife loves it
Perfect as can be
Fold it up and out in your back pocket. Unfold and out on when sun shade is needed
Ordered XL, became a M on first wash
no complaints, good sweatshirt
Great glasses for night driving. They really help when its rainy and here in the great Pacific Northwest, it rains a lot.
They're comfortable, neck lies flat, no binding under arms! He uses them for work, and they're just right.
This shirt was designed for someone with long arms and short trunk, like a chimp.