The sizen fit well and the t-shirt is of good quality. Nice looking t-shirts.
I received this as a gift and I really like this wristlet. It is enough to fit my credit cards and even though it has three slots available for card use, I usually add two-three more in each slot. The zipper opens and closes with ease and the strap is big enough to use as a wristlet or over the shoulder (which I prefer). It is also big enough to fit my iPhone 7+.
Very comfortable work shirt of light weight and soft feel. Washes very well.
Very easy to use, really helps when you're running late in the morning and can just slide it into place.
Very good quality. Wasn't as relaxed fit as I assumed.
Great bag, very roomy
First time buying clothes online and it fit perfect. Grateful for a hassle free experience.
Great fit. Great color. Great price. Arrived before Christmas as guaranteed.
This is the best wallet I've ever owned. My new LG cell phone fits in the pouch that has a snap to close.
It has 20 credit card slots. And it has a zip change pocket. Plus a pocket for paper money.
It's everything I've been looking for. I got the red so I could easily find it in my black purses!
First time buyer of this style of wallet. Perfect size for front pocket. Light weight. More room than I thought for credit cards, receipts, etc. Ive had it for a little over a month and am still happy with it.
Not as robust as my old one, but well made, and functional.
I needed a big enough bag to hold the essentials but still small enough to not get in my way while dancing and this checks every box!
The leather belt is sturdy and wears well. The slide ratchet buckle makes the belt the most comfortable belt I own and will purchase more colors and for dress and every day use.
If u need cap immediately, this is not the one. Its too slow. Cap is too small.
this package seems to be of a slightly smaller size than the last one I ordered, not quite as comfortable for me....
I have never witnessed a fabric that pilled as bad as these joggers. They are so scratchy they arent even wearable anymore.
Great glasses. Fast shipping. Great deal.
I love this bag and will buy another as soon as this one gets older. It is AWESOME... the feel, look, design... it is classy and perfect for holding 2 cell phones at work and Chapstick. Minimalistic bag, perfectly sleek. Love Love Love this bag!
Worth the purchase
Good quality!!
Bought one for Hubbie, liked it so much got a second in a different color.
Good product
Great value and great quality
The size is perfect for cell phone and a few essentials and the number of compartments is great!
A gift to my son who loves them.
Update: I just replaced these after over 4 years. Id say thats a great ROI. The only wear that concerns me is where the four main seams meet below the seat of the pants, between the legs. The fabric here has worn through, but Im a big guy and Im sure thats a factor. Im happy with the usable lifespan, and the worn pair can now be very conformtable dirty job pants.

The length never shrank dramatically. My suspicion is the big and tall denim isnt the same as the standard sizing and shrinks less. I have a pair one size smaller thats NOT big and tall, and those are labeled as Cone Mills denim. The big and tall have no such label.
- - -
The jeans are nice. Deep indigo blue, nice stitching, button fly seems sturdy. Overall, probably the best way to buy Levis.

The recommended sizing was to go up one size (2") in the waist, and up 3" in length. A 30" length is about right in my 559s, so I figured a 34" would shrink to 31" and give me a little to cuff. I ordered them sized this way, and swam in them after soaking for an hour and drying.

Ordering my actual waist size and a 34" length was a lot better. The waist was a tad snug after shrinking, but after a couple of wears, it was perfect. The length didn't shrink as much as I had imagined, maybe more like 2", but that might shrink after I wear them again later. The fit is relaxed and straight, which is good if you actually have legs and a butt.

tl;dr - Don't upsize the waist, upsize the length a little, pretty nice jeans.
WOW is best way I can start for this wallet. I bought this back in September 2018 and its February 2019 now and this wallet is still going strong. The material on the wallet is very durable. I live an active life style so this wallet has been put through its fair share of life and Im impressed how it still looks for firm and sturdy and still feels it as well !! The hidden pockets are amazing not gonna lie I did have my encounters with our LEOS and they searched me and my belongings and they not once even suspected the wallet had a hidden compartment they didnt even touch it they emptied everything but that compartment was untouched I just had my big bills there and social security card but I was marveling at the idea that they didnt find the compartment. Honestly I purposely tried to put it through some tougher situations because I wanted to buy a different color but even then the wallet stood its ground and I cant complain about that !! The wallet is definitely worth the money you spend for it Im surprised its not priced higher