I don't know...it doesn't look like the picture, it's more tight around the legs, gives a man a feminine look sorta...
Not dressy but more robust than dressy ones. They keep pants up when heavy items are in the pockets. The clasps grip the pants well.
I was super excited about this necklace, but that all changed when I actually got it. They sent it to me with the pendant out of order, so I had to grab some pliers and put it in the correct order so the sunflower would actually close. The sunflower doesn't stay closed and if you move slightly, it sounds like you have a bell around your neck. Just walking around, I sounded like a whole thing of sleigh bells. Also, after wearing it only once, the clasp broke, and not just it being jammed, I mean the whole little clip that keeps the chain in fell off, so all that was left was a hook. In conclusion, if you want to sound like a reindeer on Santa's sleigh, and have to get a new clasp after one wear, this is the necklace for you!
Very tough cotton material. Carhartt remains the gold standard in workwear.
Size 34, was exactly 34 too short like a 30" belt!
Looks good but quality is alright mines color is already fading
Love the hats
Great Quality
cute love them no issues
Thin, lightweight but effective
Lots of space
Great belt. Probably one of my favorites ever. Super quality, and impressed that they're handmade. Great company. Will be getting some other ones.
Great classes
my husband love hanes underwears..soft and snug fit
Best pair of sunglasses I've ever gotten
I love my belt
My daughter purchased this for her son. His other watch broke. He loves this one.. Especially alll the colors.
After all these years of looking for elegant and durable embroidery purse I finally got one. I like this bag because of the embroidery. Also the durability.
You cannot miss with this bag beautiful as it is. The embroidery is looking great and I been using this everywhere I go.
Daughter loves it!
Fit is perfect and clarity is amazing.
One of best slim wallet out there. It is perfect. I used to keep a lot of cards in my wallet and now I just keep 12 cards in this wallet. It is still slim.
Just recieved it today very cheaply made and recieved it with scratches. The lens is not clear i see like spots and has a uneven curve at the center gives blurr vision. At the time of purchase it stated with free returns and now it says not eligible for return. Dont waste your money i could have spent $10 more and bought better quality and sturdy one from Express store. Made a mistake.
Very comfortable.
Great belt
Very nice
Ordered these for a teenage boy we help and they fit fine.
Look amazing
Nice socks. Dont slide down while walking.