These are great quality and looks great! I Just didn't read the dimensions in the description and found them a little too big for me, as I carry a KeySmart in regular to slim pants, it's kind of difficult to put them and pull them from your front pocket, I use it on the car key and I love it!
Really like this purse. Perfect for what I carry and plenty of room.
Bought for working out and sleeping on camping trips. They hold my stuff without pinching or bunching when sweaty. I ordered 2 more pairs.
Perfect fit. If you're unsure just buy the large size.
It was a Christmas gift for my girlfriend , she loves it. It was perfect size and color
I ordered this single wallet/wristlet because I love my double one but am not caring so much any more, This single one did appear t be very stiff. I am hoping with use it gets more flexible and credit cards are easier to get out. BUt is the great quality you would expect from Michael Kors.
Pretty. Dainty setting but that's not a negative for me. Cz (5mm) is white but expected for the price. The posts are too long for my thin (adult) earlobes but I have yet to find any children's earrings that aren't too long for me. Overalll as expected.
Got this for my husband's grandmother for mother's day, it came in a beautiful box and was in 2 separate bags so it didn't get tangled up during shipping. Great quality and absolutely beautiful. It took longer to ship than expected but I think that was due to Covid-19
Happy with purchase. Fast delivery and item was exactly as picture shows. Honestly, I was presently surprised at quality. I would recommend and would consider purshasing another as a gift. In the past I have paid lots of money for name brand and eventually felt disappointed. Glad to know with this purchase I will not feel I over paid and I got leather and not plastic with a brand name instead.
Everything I wanted just ordered a size bigger cus I put on a few pounds (20) . But first time ordering from amazon and cant believe for regular shipping got to my front door in about 16-18 hours. AMAZING AMAZOM. GOT 2 more orders now and they fit great and super thrilled. No more going to the store anymore. Amazon prime here I come!!!
Briefs arrived quickly - fit as expected.
However, this is not the same fabric that we have expected from Hanes.
Bought very similar pkg from the store and fabric is soft and washes well - these? Not so much
The fabric is very rough and only gets worse when you wash them.
Definitely do not recommend.
I just bought 3 pairs of these 550's in different colors and I am finally 'set' for my fave Levi's. I was always an Original 501 Levi's guy, but I never could quite figure out the "shrink to fit" sizing. I had an old pair of 550's Relaxed Fit (38x32) that I got at the Thrift Store fit perfect so I just bought 3 more pairs from Amazon. I really like the Relaxed Fit and they are ready to wear without having to "shrink", "break in" or "roll the cuffs" like the 501's. I also like the Amazon 'Free Return' 'Try before you buy' policy that I didn't need in this case. I'm so happy!
The is great and I love that attachment to pull your credit cards up.
My daughter liked mine so well that I gave her one. I don't need a purse for shopping trips. This holds everything I need except my keys, and I can attach them if I choose.
I forget how comfy a new pair of socks are, and these reminded me. I wear mens size 11.5 and these large socks fit perfectly. Snug, but not tight (might actually be too snug if youre a 13 or so). They look great, and they are low enough to be no show, without being too low that they hardly stay on your feet. Will buy again if theyre still available when I need new socks.
Love theses they are simple but look much
This suit fit well and it all looked right upon arrival. My problem is that after 1 month of continuous use (my daughter swims daily) it looks like its been used all season! For $20 I expected it to last for the 4 month swim season. It has stretched out and is saggy and is getting thin and looks like its disintegrating in certain spots (especially near seams).
I have gotten better use out of suits from cheap department stores.
So much prettier in person and not cheap looking at all and the chain it comes with it very nice as well. Very pleased with this purchase as a whole.
These are comfortable and comparable to most major brand wicking boxer briefs. I dropped it one star because the camo style color seems to have faded some after only a few washes.

These are a little longer so they work well in the winter. I think my Adidas Climate boxer briefs are more comfortable, but they're more expensive.
Good product at budget price. Much higher quality than expected.
What can I say it's Carhartt
I love this wallet. Its comoact yet fits all of my credit cards and identification. Thin and durable. The money clip is an added convenience.
Black pocket t's--my uniform.
So I was putting them on and the bottom cuff just ripped wanted to let yall know I juts went ahead and threw them away
This is my favorite hat ever. It is very light weight and comfortable, fits well, soaks up sweat well during my trail runs and washes well. It also holds up well, as I had another one before this one that is still in great shape. I wanted a second one so that I could wear it out and about. So I always keep one clean and the other I wear during trail runs and wash it once in a while. Price a bit high but the hat is so good, I don't mind splurging a little and I'm very conservative with money generally speaking.
excellent seller, recommend! =D
I like the look, the's great, not too light or too heavy and very spacious. I use it for everyday basics.
These are genuine ray-ban at a reasonable price. Come with case and cloth. My husband love them. Great product as expectedêtement-Pantalon-Imitation