These are very classy and seem to be well made!
Excelent product!
Very nice looking shorts. Can dress them up or down.
My daughter loves it. I may steal it!
This is one of my absolute favorite necklaces I bought one a long time ago for myself but I gave it to my son and I bought myself another one
Less than 4 wearings, already developing holes in socks
For the size, this purse is definitely right on the money. I love that it has so much space inside and out. It seems to be made okay. I'm feeling like it won't last very long as the material is very thin. So far though, no complaints. If you don't hear from me with an update then it was stronger than I thought.
I love this bag! It's the perfect size for all the essentials and it was just right for wearing all day walking around on my recent trip to Korea.
Love the feel and design. Wish it would stay on face more
The cap fits great, I wish I had order other colors before the price increase.
Great design and function. Much better than a traditional wallet.
The Good:
-Great value
-Good fit (got small and Im 58 and 155 pounds with slender build)
-Launders easily
-Looks good with jeans

The Bad:

The Bottom Line:
I just brought 2 of these to Alaska and they worked great. The fit is good as I got the small size and Im 58 and 155 pounds with slender build. Theyre simple and comfortable. They also launders easily. Overall I would recommend these long sleeve shirts.

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Absolutely love it and price is also great
Colors are vivid. Great quality.
This hat runs small to size. The front panels in hat are stiff. Not very comfortable but looks great.
Love the size!,! Galaxy 9 phone fits fine (without otterbox cover). Great buy for the money!
Very cute, great gifts for yourself or others!
Perfect fit
Super-quick shopping and looks as pictured. Great red color and plenty of room for everything I need. The straps are sturdy and the bag itself is not heavy. I have been looking for the perfect crossbody bag to take on a trip and this one will be perfect.
They fit me too small. Seems as if they're tollder glasses
I love this socks, I just cant run without them altought they are my first runnning socks I havent tried any others
So comfortable & the length is great!
Take note: they are low cut as stated. Not over the ankle. Otherwise pretty good
I am an HVAC consultant That has been working through COVID-19 since we are in essential business. Out of respect to my clients and to protect myself and others when I go into peoples homes I have to wear some sort of face cover, Ive used dust masks, homemade cloth masks, N95 masks and my new Achiou Gator neck scarf and let me tell you I can finally breathe! Being a consultant I talk a lot and move around in and out of peoples attics and crawlspaces and by the time Im done with my presentation Im gasping for air with all other options, this option I can finally breathe and do my job again! Super soft does not Fog up my Glasses and very maneuverable, I highly recommend this product!
Out of pkg very nice. We will see how they hold up.
Excellent quality I think I like the case better than the glasses lol j/k but quality is super.
Heavy t-shirt and a bit tight and is not very soft.
Love these glasses. Look sleek for a cheap price. I love this brand and have purchased from them before. Quality product for cheap. Highly recommend.
Great addition to my shirt collection
I bought these mainly for driving and fishing. The fit is a little too snug for me (woman). I can feel them sitting on my cheeks and it is annoying. If I turn my head or laugh they tend to ride up and I have to readjust them. I would not want to wear these to ride a bicycle or any other sport. On the plus side, they will not fall off easily. I hoped they would be much more lightweight than they are and I am still on the hunt for glasses that suit me better. They are polarized, however, and I can see well with them. If the fit will work for you, I would say they are a good value for the money.é-Elastique-Bootcut