i am the new medium 30 years ago i was a large .i am the same size but people are getting BIG
I like it
The color was amazing and it fits perfectly. I would highly recommend this to people who are looking for a nice comfy jacket.
This shirt looks very durable and I would be happy with it if it didn't fit me like a small dress. It's huge for an XL which is what I normally wear.
My husband loves them.
I have had this wallet for a few days. I really like the color and the expensive feel. I appreciate that it has ample space for ID and other cards, designated space for paper money as well as a zipper change pouch. I have recommended this be my mom's next wallet.
Very nice style, seem to be sturdy enough, just got them so can't say how resistant to breaking they will be with use, nice felt case included, so far very happy with them
Can't go wrong with Hanes sweatshirt.l
i got size large which should fit me perfect but it looked like size 1XL
I just love my new coach purse and wallet . The size is perfect. The cost is high. But it's well worth the price.
I just have to be extremely nice to my husband
Got a lot of compliments about this wallet. It is simple yet amazing design.
Warm and soft
Nice fit, color was great. One thing it should show in pictures the back strap. In my case I would had preferred a velcro strap easy to remove.. with this built in strap is a bit hard, I have a lot of hair and my buns are a bit big and its hard removing hag sometimes.. but that my case, my husband loves the hat..
He's really skinny and they get a bit stretched out and look baggy now.
Classic jeans. White is great for summer. Price can't be beat!
I was a little shorter than normal.
There is nothing [Levis branded] or special about these bandanas. Why this is being marketed as a Levis bandana is a mystery to me. Anyone that has purchased standard bandanas know that you can get them really cheap but normally take a few washes to break in. These are no different. Get the cheapest ones you can buy out there.
The perfect bag for nurses
I really like this wallet. Very slim. Holds just the right number of cards, and a little cash to boot. I like the material too. Feels very sturdy, but flexible enough to get cards in and out. I expect this wallet to last me a long time. What can I say....A perfect fit for me.
Very nice necklace
good quality & price
Loved the fact that is blocks RFID and it's very cute.
Good price for socks. Been looking to buy in bulk when it comes to socks. Can has enough socks.
My favorite sweatshirt. I will definitely be ordering more.
Comfortable and durable
fitted well
These are beautiful sparkly earrings that I bought for my daughters wedding, but they arrived with one of the posts bent, so I will be returning and hopefully exchanging them. I did get a new pair in exchange and they are great! So pretty.
Purse is made cheap