Best shirt stays ever. Been using them for 30 years and I wished I'd found these sooner.
Wore out very fast. I don't recommend buying these.
Great little bag. Super fast delivery.
Well made, very soft, and bright colors. Ordered 1 size up because I wanted it to last a while. For well and still had plenty of room for growth.
Fit my son fine.
It's ok. The carbon fibre is very light, cheap feel but does the job.
Good fit
According to my son, who is 14, he won't wear anything else but these boxers. I guess that says it all!
Don't hesitate to buy these. I love the style and for the price it's a great deal. I plan on buying another pair if I ever lose the current ones I own.
Great belt, excellent quality leather
Poor quality and bad return policy.
These are awesome, just what I wanted. I use these for my medical ID bracelets. I have a tag made by Lauren's Hope, it fits on these bracelets perfectly. Thank you so much.
Nice bag. Just a bit narrow outer zip pockets are very shallow. I will need to downsize my wallet
well made and will fit perfectly
Got what I expected as far as quality and product. Arrived a day early!
Nice glasses but my eyes seam to get hot while walking on the beach.
Love the purse! Arrived very fast! Thank you!
Great product.
Love the socks. One of them developed a dime-sized hole after one week (probably 2 days of wear, only one wash cycle). It's on the side, near the ankle joint. The rest of the socks appear fine.
Love it
Very light, I like them,
My husband love these hats. Hats are uncomfortable to him. He said these are very very comfortable.
The closure snap broke 2 within a month. Disappointing.
CK's can't go wrong. Size is on the money
Great socks and very comfortable.
I am 5'10", 200lb male, 44 Chest, 33 Waist, 32 Inseam. My intended purpose for this is on the motorcycle during inclement weather. I ordered the large based on other reviews and it is huge. I am actually hesitant to even order a smaller size. The lower arms on the jacket are way too big, which would just flap like crazy in the wind. Some looseness in rain gear is expected and needed, but not to this degree. The pants are long enough to go all the way to my toes and there is too much material in the lower leg openings (same issue as sleeves of jacket). Also, I had enough excess jacket to make another jacket when I had it zipped. Its called a rain and wind suit but I would not want this in the rain as it just sticks out too much. Actually, it may work as one of those squirrel suits but I do not endorse someone trying that.

The material is definitely lightweight and appears to not be the cheap material that traps heat during warmer weather.

Some may like clothes to fit like a moo-moo or a poncho with a waist but it is not suitable on a motorcycle for me.
Works Great
I searched Amazon pretty good for a pair of shooting / safety glasses and decided on these. I was really surprised when they arrived these glasses are much more than I expected. It's hard to tell from the picture because they look like a flat blue color. Actually when you look at them in person they turn different shades of blue, which I really like. Most importantly they really block bright light and you can see very clear images. They are also comfortable. I purchased 2 pairs of these.
These are thick and comfortable.
Do you really think I'd go to the trouble to write a review for freakin' socks if I did not think they are awesome?
Really plush and cozy, great height for workout socks. BOOM!
Bought these for my aunts for Christmas and they love them. I bought them because we all suffer through anxiety and it helps us so much once you rub essential oils... preferably lavender. I have one myself that I bought a few months back and I love it.