pet portraits prices

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pet portraits prices
pet portraits prices

Make your own unique sweatshirt from a photo of your furry friend! It can also be from any other pet friends you have, just send in the picture and we'll make the rest. This unisex sweatshirt has a loose fit for a comfortable feel. With durable print, it will be a walking billboard for years to come.

pet portraits prices
pet portraits prices
  • Unisex sizing
  • Gray Color: 70% cottons and 30% polyester
  • Other Colors 85% cottons and 15% polyester

pet portraits prices
  • Machine wash cold, inside-out, gentle cycle with mild detergent and similar colors
  • Use non-chlorine bleach, only when necessary. No fabric softeners
  • Tumble dry low or hang-dry for longest life
  • Cool iron inside-out if necessary. Do not iron decoration
  • Do not dry clean

pet portraits prices
  • Select your sweatshirt size and color
  • Give us names or quotes (optional)
  • Add an image
  • Place your order

Most digital cameras and devices already take large and high-resolution photos, that are perfect to print. No need to worry about cropping or sizing your photos.

pet portraits prices
pet portraits prices
  • We will send you a proof in 1-2 business days
  • You get unlimited revisions
  • After revision, your sweatshirt will be produced and ready to ship in 2-3 business days
pet portraits prices
pet portraits prices
  • Standard Shipping: Estimated delivery time is 7-14 business days
  • Expedited Shipping: Estimated delivery time is 3-5 business days
  • International tracking is available for all orders
  • Shipping times might be affected by the current global situation
I'ma big fan of belts that offer multiple sizing stops. This one is really nice. The leather is pliable and the buckle works nicely. May be back for more, if it holds up over time. I'd like to see one in a cordovan color.
Their size chart was a little off. I went by there chart and the fit was a just right. My husband likes to have a little more
room and I like it to be larger for laundering reasons.
I like this hat a lot just wish they had it in purple
Well made, cool, bright, my wife likes it.
Fit as expected. Good value.
Big fan of these belts. Easy to size and they look good
nicely made, color great and fits well in small hands.
These are pretty thick socks and made a few of my shoes fit a little tight. But they fit my huge size 16 feet, and are great in winter boots! Heavy duty high quality material.
Product lightweight but functions as expected
So I first thought that the bag wouldnt straighten out after being scrunched in a box, but it did! I love my purse! The size of this bag isnt too big or too small, its perfect size for me

Bag also comes with a long handle as well that doesnt drag all the way to the ground when you use the regular handle!
My toddler LOVES this amulet. It looks just like the one from the show.
Great quality, great fit, I'm happy with them.
Very comfortable
I had a pleasant experience using this powder. No clumping. Goes on smooth. First time using dip powder. No need to go to a salon.
This dress was absolutely hideous. Save yourselves and do not order. For one its paper thin. The sewing job is terrible, I could have followed the pattern better than whoever made this. And it's extremely small. I normally wear a medium, so ordered an x-large, knowing it runs small and it was hugging my body skin tight.
The size was perfect.... Even the length was correct because I measured the inseam!!!
It came in a very cheap looking package I purchased three the watch it self didn't really last at all the piece that holds the strap on broke after a month of my nieces wearing them. I purchased it to help teach them time, it could have been made better. #Made_In_China
These are good quality and soft on the nose. I am taking a star off because I only got five handkerchiefs in the pack. I couldn't seem to find a quick link on Amazon to report quality control issues, and for the apparent $1.65 that this cost me, it's not a huge issue. Still a good deal, I just like getting what I ordered.
Persols are gorgeous glasses, no doubt about it. If you want to look stylish and sophisticated in a Euro sort of way, the easiest thing to do is go get yourself some Persol shades. They are well built and impressive looking without being overtly flashy. These are the real deal and I was super excited to receive them, but ultimately ended up returning them for two reasons:
1) They were simply too big. I have a pretty big head (it's hard for me to find a hat that fits!) and these were still too large for me. They constantly kept sliding down my nose. I think there might be a more narrow version of the 3048s which might fit better - I don't have the model number or width in front of me at the moment but if you're considering these you might want to investigate.
2) I'm a bit of a lens geek and while Persol's grey polarized lenses are nice and clear (as glass lenses generally are), they do nothing in terms of spectral enhancement. This is the idea of cutting certain colors (wavelengths of light) more than others so as to improve contrast and definition. I'm not necessarily criticizing Persol per se for their lack of spectral enhancement - indeed some people may actually prefer a straight up grey lens with no tint. Sometimes I do too. I'm just noting it here. The lack of spectral enhancement was not the reason I returned them, but I mention it here because if I had been super impressed with the way they render the edges of clouds, or make vegetation pop, or increase contrast while driving, I might have invested in the more narrow version of the 3048s. As it is, the frames are too large and the lenses are good but a bit boring, so I'm moving on to something else.
I really liked the fit and the quality of the shorts.
Good quality and color is as pictured.
Not sure what's up with the Levis from Amazon, but these are not the same as from the Levi's store. I've worn the 569 series, same size, for years and years now, and I recently was at the Levi's store, which had them on sale for by 2 and pay $39.99 ea. So I thought I'd save a few bucks on taxes and order them through Amazon for the same price.
When I got them in the mail, even though the label indicted the same size as I normally wear, they were much bigger (1-2 inches), the cut didn't feel right, and even the label looked wrong and was poorly sewn onto the jean.
I'm no expert, nor am I qualified to spot a fake, but in my personal opinion, these were either the worst pair of Levi Jeans that Levi's has ever put together, or these were knock-offs.
I will certainly not attempt to buy these again through Amazon.
I used it for my mom's ashes but where you put the ashes is to small and it broke from the chain itself
Its beautiful and made a great gift!
Nice short inseam for the new above knee style. This is below mid thigh but not by knee.
Really like these shirts. I will order more.
Wish it was not one size for top and bottom since I am smaller on top but the fabric feels soft and great look for the price paid.
Just as advised, the belt clip closes tight and stays clipped all day. I would recommend this belt and would buy again in the future.
Fit perfect.
The exact color as advertised.
On my porch in 2 days.
What more could ya want.
These seem like a great product and if you have very short or shaved hair, I think these will work wonderfully for you. With three color options, they're a great value. They seem sturdy, yet soft and flexible. They're very comfortable to wear. They fit my glasses. However, the silicone got really caught in my hair every time i tried to put them on and it made it very difficult for me. I almost feel like I'd need to put my hair up just to properly put my glasses on with these. I think they're a great solution for a lot of people, but unfortunately they're not very practical for me.