b b king canvas paintings

Designed by PETS United
b b king canvas paintings
b b king canvas paintings

Love your pet as much as you say you do? Then you’ll be more than happy to flaunt your favorite pet on our custom phone cases. You pick one photo, upload it, and we create an amazing phone case featuring a cartoon image of your pet. It is also a great gift for all of the pet-loving humans in your life.

Every order is created by a real artist using a digital art pen and tablet. You can choose any colors or patterns for the case. We will send you the digital proof for you to approve the design and then it's all yours!

b b king canvas paintings
b b king canvas paintings
  • Precise fit maintains a slim and pocket-friendly profile
  • TPU layer offers shock absorbance and easy installation
b b king canvas paintings
b b king canvas paintings
  • Choose your phone model
  • Give us names or quotes (optional)
  • Add an image
  • Place your order
b b king canvas paintings
b b king canvas paintings
  • We will send you a proof in 1-2 business days
  • You get unlimited revisions
  • After revision, your case will be produced and ready to ship in 2-3 business days
b b king canvas paintings
b b king canvas paintings
  • Standard Shipping: Estimated delivery time is 7-14 business days
  • Expedited Shipping: Estimated delivery time is 3-5 business days
  • International tracking is available for all orders
  • Shipping times might be affected by the current global situation
Too big, too busy. Returned
So comfy..! A little bigger than expected, but amazing!
Undies. Hold goodies.
I ordered these as a replacement for the 6 foot Salux nylon cloths I had finally went through (3 pack, bought them two years ago). I thought smaller ones would be easier to manage without me cutting them up or wasting soap as well as wanting to have one next to the sink/in multiple bathrooms/for travel.

Smaller is definitely what I got here. In the 'standard' listing there is no hand shown. I did not look at the 'large' size because again, was seeking a 'smaller' alternative. On the 'large' listing it shows an example on a hand and I've got to say those are some very tiny hands. The cloth did not fit on my hand like that before use and simultaneously shrunk/stretched/deformed during my shower and generally was a pain to use in what I would consider the 'expected manner', ie pulled over your hand.

If I could re-purchase, I'd definitely go with the 'large' version.

The product performance itself is slightly disappointing. Again, I was previously using the Salux nylon cloths. You can absolutely tell the difference between the viscose (rayon, natural fiber) in this product and the nylon in the Salux cloths. The Salux is much more abrasive overall and much better at exfoliating the 'body skin' while the viscose seems like a safer alternative for facial cleansing so you don't over-exfoliate. For someone who may not be an experienced textile guru and looking for an exfoliating product it is not easily apparent what the difference between the 'exfoliation levels' are between all these cloths and such.

So, overall, if you're looking for an abrasive product for sloughing off skin (for example, for me, for KP), fixing ingrown hairs without picking, etc, you'll want to go with the Salux nylon cloth (available on Amazon). If you're looking for a milder exfoliating product more akin to a loofah that would be safe for facial use, perhaps for children or travel, and want the benefits of a faster drying and less bacteria-ridden loofah, I'd recommend these washcloths. There's also the added benefit of decomposition/eco-friendliness as it is a natural fiber unlike nylon.

I might purchase these again and would recommend with the previously mentioned caveats.
Love love this wallet. It holds everything i need and has rdif protection.
Delivered on time socks are very roomy and very soft not thick and bulky
Needed a longer strap to wear my vintage Chanel bag like a cross body, and this worked perfectly. I ordered two just in case . Has a good weight like Chanel chain straps. Great price.
good briefs. I recommend
The socks fit really well (size 8 here), and they dont slip. They are perfect for giving the no socks with dress shoes look, without the sweat and stink.
Best shirts for work or even as an every day wear. Takes them quite some time before they start to fade.
really enjoy it, a nice design.
These are very soft and well cushioned socks but if your legs are thicker than average, these are pretty tight at the cuff :(. I won't be able to use these as they bind too tightly and I'm not able to pull them up completely. I'll pass them along to someone in the family with thinner legs because I'm sure they would find them comfortable.
Very comfortable and absorbable. Works perfectly and I even like how it looks!
Perfect hat!
I love it. It fits perfectly and is nice and soft. You can wear it different ways,.. I also liked the price. Id recommend it.
Just needed to replace and old ratty one.
Beautiful bag, I'll prob purchase the tan one next. It's a good size and has lots of pockets.
Do not expect that the socks will last for long time. The bottom fabric used is pretty weak or just poor quality, they just lasted for 2 months or less
So in love with my new wallet! Its so beautiful and came with all the tags still on it and its authentic! (I have a couple other mk purses)
Great wallet!!
As pictured.
These are light and comfortable. Fits perfect. It has 2 functional pockets. I like this better than my Nike and Adidas basketball shorts.
You can just copy and paste your original review:
"Good experience, delivered as promised, the socks are great, bought them for wearing in my deck shoes, now my feet don't sweat in the shoes anymore. Fantastic! "
These are a substantial weight with plenty of room in the toe area. Just a touch large which will give them some room for shrinkage when washed. They should still be comfortable and not tight after laundering. Would recommend and will purchase again!
It feels like plastic and cheap. It's fit great on glasses, but it does little to block the Sun. It didn't fit in where you can put sunglasses holder in the car because it's too big.

UPDATE: After reading the comment, I guess you can't make the sunglasses to be more sturdy because of the weight issue. It serves the purpose of sunglasses, so I will not complain anymore. (3->4 stars)
Perfect fit and feel!! Exceptionally Happy with the item!!
This belt basically buckles a different way. It doesnt have holes like a regular belt so you can close it at any length but then the way it buckles is kind of weird, like the reverse of regular belt.

I am not a fan of how it closes because its not natural. You have to pull it, hold in that position and then trap it a bit like mouse catcher.

Frankly I dont like how it closes and the regular belt is better.
i bought it for my daughter she loves it so much.would buy again
A little more stiff than those I have purchased in the past but super cute and the right size.