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Some of the most comfortable socks I've owned. It's harder to find socks that fit bigger shoe sizes well and these do the job while looking and feeling good too. 8 pairs as well, instead of the typical 6 you find with a lot of other packages.
Awesome socks and they are thick but not that thick. It's good quality, would recommend.
The wallet and all its components are very well made, and I enjoy using the front pocket to quickly slide out my card for a purchase. This saves me time from digging it out like my old wallet.

I wish the TRAVANDO brand a lot of success for you guys deserve it, you make quality items and I can see myself buying more in the future.
great gift
Great quality. I love these belts
Got for my dads bday and it came a little ripped and honestly dont care to bother he is still using it for the pool but it was embarrassing to give to him
Ordered this for my 13 year old! He loves it!!
Kool hoodie, good fit, no issues
Best fitting sunglasses I've owned. Great at handling the glare. Money well spent
It's exactly what I was expecting. I love it
bought this for my husband who like a minimalist wallet. It is similar to the one he had but actually much better. Great quality
and a little bigger in size than his old one. The magnet cash holder is very strong and he loves it.
I gave this as a gift to a female who works outside quite a lot and she loved it!!
My husband works outside daily and these socks keep his feet warm and dry. He like the fact that the tops are long and come well up his leg.
Light.greay color. I love it just the right size
it didn't slide off my heel.
Good wuality
Love, love, love these little purses. I have two and may purchase more.
They give a little extra arch support that helps being that I work 10 hour shifts and am on my feet 90% of the time. They are not a miracle cure for foot pain, but teamed with a good shoe I can tell the difference compared to my last sock and shoe combination. I would recommend.
excellent product
Washes well, kept its size & shape, loose fit & great price. What more can you want?
Not real great quality, washed them and one got a hole in the neck first time. Disappointing.
made of the cheapest plastic both frames broke in a week one lens frame cracked out of box want my money back for both pairs having a hard time finding out how to do that do not make the mistake I did
Caught in hail and rain in the mountains and this kept me warm and dry. Packs small and lightweight.
very poor Quality better to bay levis or lee
Man these are comfortable. I especially like the filled section on the back of the heel. A major problem with short running socks is that they fall below the heel lip of the shoe and leave your ankle susceptible to chafing and blistering. The lip on the back makes that much more difficult. I'm sure it can still happen, but it stays in place quite well.

The socks themselves are much heavier than I'm used to in a running sock, but on a 5 mile run in high humidity, my feet didn't feel any hotter and were perhaps slightly more comfortable that usual.
Fit just as expected for my dad. He is pleased with the pants.
I love this handbag! Love the color, and I love the many zippered pockets! I will be buying more in a different color! The color I bought was like a egg plant and it is beautiful! Buy this, you will not be disappointed !!!!!
This is an excellent wallet. I carry a lot of cards (14 I believe - including ID's etc. and others) and they all fit. I chose the elastic strap and carry cash in three denominations (each folded twice) and each denomination slid under the strap on top of the others. Really easy to use. Most cards are rarely used but the few I use often are near the back and front. You do have to be careful when using one from the middle, however it's not difficult.

When I purchased it I was a little apprehensive however it's so worth it. I really don't know I'm carrying it in my pocket.
Bought for my husband. Fits him great!!
I got this for my husband to lay around by the pool and he loves it! He get's it wet almost daily and it still fits and looks good!êTements-Streetwear-Harajuku-Pantalon